"A Fresh Overhaul, For a Bright Future."

Today, we proudly announce the launch of a fresh overhaul for Sinjaba Group for a bright future.

Sinjaba Group has expanded over 50 years to include multiple businesses and projects. As we grow more, new people are joining our team, expanding it with diverse and creative ideas.

Understanding how the market works in a modern way was our focus, and because of the studies we've made, a need for a fresh overhaul was clear.


Being part of the real estate market in Lebanon and other countries for many years was a key part of our knowledge in the industry today. We have learned that building great projects is important, but it’s the experience of the people living in them what matters most.

This is why we aim to deliver projects that hold value and meaning, where having the human experience in mind from the beginning.


Home is where your story begins.

And we would like to help you write yours.